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Electric/Water Billing services contact: (218) 485-4100

Electric concerns & emergencies: (218) 485-4100

Water concerns & emergencies: (218) 485-4247

Please visit the CONTACT PAGE to reach us during business hours.

Public Policies

---Tree Removal Policy

--- Cold Weather Rule

 --- New Residential Installations

---Electric Service Regulations

Energy Star Information

--Energy Star Rated Appliance

Printable Forms

---Direct Payment Form

---Electric Service Agreement Form   *NEW MOVE IN'S*

---Lakes & Pines PDF

---Lakes & Pines Website

-Third Party/Landlord Notification

--Application for employment

--Payment Arrangement Form for late payments

--Budget Billing form 2022-2023

Electrical Safety Tips

   Inside your home:

          - Never run an extension cord under a rug or other heavy objects.

          - Never plug one extension cord into another one to make it longer.

          - Never plug more than 2 items into a single electrical outlet.

          - Discard frayed or malfunctioning plugs and cords.

          - Cover unused outlets to prevent a child from inserting fingers or 

             other items causing electric shock.

          - All large appliances should be grounded. Check your ground fault

             circuit interrupters regularly.

          - Unplug and store your appliances and electronics when not in use.

  Outside your home:

          - Never play with electrical boxes.

          - Only use outdoor rated cords for outdoor electronics and


          - Protect outlets by keeping them covered when not in use to shield

             them from the elements.

          - Keep leaves and other debris from outdoor lighting, outlets and

             power cords.

          - Remember that power cords are for short term use only, and not a

             power replacement solution.

          - Call 911 to report a damaged power line or other major electrical