Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get utility service if I am moving to Moose Lake?

     A: Come into our Business Office at Moose Lake Power at 401 Douglas Avenue and fill out an
          application to set up a new utility account.

Where are you located?
    A: Our physical address is 401 Douglas Avenue, Moose Lake, MN. 
          - From North:  Interstate 35 South.  Take MN-27 Exit # 216. Turn left onto MN-27.  Turn left onto Douglas                 Avenue, just past 6th Street.  Moose Lake Power Offices are located on the corner. 

          - From South:  Interstate 35 North.  Take MN-73 Exit #214.  Turn left onto MN-73.  Turn right onto Elm           
          Avenue.  Take 1st Left onto 4th Street.  Take first Left onto Douglas Avenue.  Moose Lake Power Offices are           located on the corner. 

When are you open?
    A:  We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am til 4:30 pm.  We are closed Saturdays & Sundays, and the           following days for 2023.

           2023 HOLIDAYS:
  • Friday Dec 30th, 2022 (OBSERVED for New Year's Eve Day)
  • Monday Jan 2nd, 2023 ( OBSERVED for New Year's Day)
  • Monday Jan 16th, 2023 (Martin Luther Kind Day)
  • Monday Feb 20th, 2023 ( President's Day)
  • Monday May 29th, 2023 (Memorial Day)
  • Monday Jun 19th, 2023 (Juneteenth)
  • Tuesday Jul 4th, 2023 ( Independence Day)
  • Monday Sept 4th, 2023 (Labor Day)
  • Friday Nov 10th, 2023 (OBSERVED for Veterans Day)
  • Friday Nov 24th, 2023 (OBSERVED for Thanksgiving Day)
  • Friday Dec 22nd, 2023 (OBSERVED for Christmas Eve Day)
  • Monday Dec 25th, 2023 (OBSERVED for Christmas Day)
  • Friday Dec 29th, 2023 (OBSERVED for New Year's Eve Day)

Why is my bill higher than last month?
     A: Your water or electric consumption has probably increased. Check to make sure you do not have any 
          malfunctioning appliances or using any additional heat or cooling in the past few months. For more
          information, please call our business office at (218) 485-4100 to speak with a Customer Service
          Representative.  We also offer to our customers the ability to rent a Kill-A-Watt which is a device you can
          plug into the wall and plug your appliances into and it will measure their usage. 

     B: Have you updated your appliances and light bulbs to energy saving ones?  You could replace all of those
          60-100w incandescent bulbs for LEDs that use a fraction of the wattage for the same light dispersal.  Change
          out that old clunker of a washing machine for a new Energy Star rated one.  And the best part?  Besides all
          the energy savings, we offer REBATES!

     C: Additionally, if your payment was received after the bills were calculated, it will not have been applied to your 
          account and therefore not reflect in your current bill total. 

How does the Water Works & Lighting Commission set its rates?
      A: Water rates are set by the Moose Lake City Council through rate cases in which the utility requests
           pricing to cover its costs of providing the service. Electric rates are set by the Water & Light

What are my payment options?
      A:   You can come in and see us!
You may mail checks to: PO Box 418
You may place your payment (No cash please!) in our drop box at 401 Douglas Ave
You may come in an set up a Direct Pay to be taken out of your checking or savings account
You may pay online
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