Energy saving tips for the cold!

Posted by Moose Lake Water Light on Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Brrr!  It's cold out there Moose Lake!  What are YOU doing to stay warm and save energy and money?  Nothing?  Well here's some tips to help you that will cost you absolutely nothing!

~Let the sunshine in!  Open your drapes during the day!  If you get insulated shades or use quilts/blankets to cover your windows at night, you'll really cut down the on the escaping heat. 

~Make a change of scenery, rearrange your rooms!  Exterior walls are cold and windows can be drafty, move your furniture so you're sitting or sleeping next to interior walls to help keep warm.

~Turn your thermostat down, even just a few degrees, and you'll be amazed at the money you'll save!  At least turn it down at night when everyone is sleeping. 

~After using the oven, leave the door open to disperse the warm air into the home.  Yummy & warm! 

~Close off unused rooms!  No need to heat them if you're not using them.

And as always, though it's not free, you should upgrade your appliances and lights to save money!  Energy Star appliances and CFL or LED lighting will save energy and save you money, plus don't forget that we offer rebates for Energy Star purchases!


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