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Wireless High Speed Internet Pricing Guide

(prices based on speed, no download cap!)

1Mb     $49.95          

1.5Mb  $69.95          

2Mb     $89.95         

Want more speed? Call for availability and pricing information.

Installation Fee:  $199.95

Equipment Fee: $299.95

Installation fee waived with (2) two year agreement.  Sample Contract.

If you are a current customer, and refer someone who signs up to receive amazing internet service with Moose-Tec, after the first billing cycle is completed, you will both receive a $25 credit towards your next bill! 
***NO LIMIT!***

Technical Support Services Now Available!!!

Most Moose-Tec internet service connectivity problems are fixed with a simple free phone call to us. By free, Moose-Tec will not charge you anything for calling us if your internet is not working, or you simply need to ask a question, or get advice, etc. You will be charged any normal rates with your phone company for the call.

You do not need to be a Moose-Tec customer to use technical support!

We offer…  
- Computer repair          

- System clean up          

- Virus removal           

- Hardware & Software installation and removal          

- Home network support & set up          

- Business network support & set up          

- Home computer support & set up         

- Business computer support & set up       

- Thinking about buying a new computer?

- We will help pick out the right computer for you!

- We will order it for you!

- We will set it up for you!

- We will copy all of your files from your old system and put them on your new
   system for you! 

- You can then pick it up or have us come to your location and install it for you

- Call Moose-Tec at 218-485-3573 or email jason@moose-tec.com for all your  computer, network and technical or technology related questions or problems.

Technical Support Pricing Guide

At our location:

$60.00 per hour

At your location:

$75.00 per hour

Internet Service Feedback

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